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Our Unique Approach

Equipping Study Teams with the Knowledge to Lead Life-Saving Clinical Trials

Soltex Consulting’s focused expertise and deep background in eClinical will ensure your ideas translate into better, faster, and more cost-effective clinical trials. We coach your team so that they understand how to best utilize people, process, and technology to drive efficiencies throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. More than a touch-and-go consulting firm, our collaborative yet challenging approach creates change champions within your organization to ensure you achieve lasting success.

Study teams do not need to be eClinical experts once a successful and repeatable operational excellence program has been established and accepted within your organization. Our collaborative approach to clinical trial consulting builds trust and buy-in while also firmly guiding study teams with our industry-leading eClinical expertise.

People, Process, and Technology

Soltex Consulting helps pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and CRO’s run clinical trials efficiently and create enduring changes with our collaborative and holistic approach that integrates people, process, and technology. The combination of these 3 elements allows for the successful implementation of eClinical solutions. Our approach to operational excellence in clinical trials integrates:


People are the key to any change management effort and at Soltex Consulting we pride ourselves in our ability to develop change champions within an organization to achieve lasting success. Change is hard but our ability to secure buy-in throughout the organization makes successful operational changes possible.


Process efficiencies are achieved through careful analysis, design, authoring, and re-engineering. Rigorous process re-engineering will save you time and money as we equip you with the knowledge to optimize the use of your technology investments.


Technology in the eClinical world is constantly evolving so having a team that can guide you through optimal use of EDC, CTMS, and IVRS systems is vital. Our intense focus and deep expertise in eClinical systems ensures that technology is working for your business.

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