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eClinical lifecycle consulting

ProCure Clinical Vendor Selection

Retain the best clinical vendors for your study at the lowest possible price

Pairing market expertise with sourcing excellence

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Accelerate life-saving medical advances.

We ensure your ideas translate into better, faster, and more cost-effective clinical trials.

Equip Methodology™

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Make technology work for your study team.

Realize the value of your EDC, CTMS, and IVRS systems.

Customized eClinical solutions

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Change is inevitable, Growth is intentional

Our structured approach to change management ensures that our clinical trial solutions translate into lasting success.

Equip yourself for change

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eClinical Expertise


Soltex Consulting is an eClinical lifecycle consulting firm that equips study teams at pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and clinical research organizations with the knowledge to lead life-saving clinical trials.

Holistic Approach


The integration of people, process, and technology is what allows Soltex Consulting to drive efficiencies throughout the clinical trial lifecycle.

Customizable Solutions

  • Change management strategy and coaching
  • Process re-engineering (process analysis, design, authoring, and implementation)
  • Technology strategy, standards, and implementation

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